Serious Issue with 2022 Tucson


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Hello forum friends. It turns out that in November 2022, I bought a brand new 2022 Tucson. Initially, everything was fine, although I noticed that the engine was overheating and smelling burnt. I thought that, being a new vehicle, it was normal and would improve with break-in. However, a month ago, while on the highway and after half an hour of driving, the car lost power, forcing me to pull over on the shoulder among hundreds of cars traveling at 80 miles per hour. You can imagine the shock, the honking, and the lights of other vehicles dodging us, etc. The car wouldn't accelerate, lacked power, and could barely gain speed. A warning light appeared on the dashboard saying "check hybrid system," and the "check engine" light also came on. Taking it to the dealership was quite an ordeal, and they were very incompetent.
The next day, the car no longer had the issue and worked perfectly, but I didn't want to risk it happening again and endangering the life of my pregnant wife, mine, or that of other road users. I took the car to the dealership where I bought it, explained what happened, and the service manager told me that if the issue wasn't present now, it would be difficult for them to do anything about it.
As someone who knows a bit about cars, I told him that the "check engine" light had come on, so there should be a fault history. I also suggested he take a half-hour drive to see if the problem recurred.
The car was purchased a year and a half ago and has 16,000 miles, so I believe it has both manufacturer and dealership warranties. I asked for a loaner car to continue working since they said they were busy and it would take time to check mine. I told them it didn't matter, they could take all the time they needed, but to fix the car in the meantime. They gave me a loaner car, which they ended up partially charging me for, not every day, but some, as it took 3 weeks for them to call me and say the car had nothing wrong.
I have a dashcam system with 4 cameras in the car, so after picking up my car and feeling unsatisfied about being charged for the loaner car, I checked the camera footage. It turns out the car was received on March 14, 2024, and parked until March 20, 2024. I assume that's when they took it to the workshop to connect a diagnostic computer. A mechanic from the dealership took the car for a drive of no more than 5 minutes around the dealership while talking on the phone and stopping to chat with acquaintances. Then he parked the car in the dealership parking lot and called his boss to report that the car had no problems. It seemed to me that this mechanic knew little or nothing about mechanics. At that moment, I imagined they would take the car to the workshop to connect it to the diagnostic machine and run tests, but that never happened. The car remained parked from March 20, 2024, until April 1, 2024, in the dealership parking lot without being checked, touched, or started.
Meanwhile, my wife and I were worried about the loaner car, fearing we might lose the deposit. I didn't receive any calls in those 11 days to return the loaner and get mine back. Did they expect to find any damage to the loaner car? Did they want to make us believe they were working on our car? They are so incompetent that they didn't know I was monitoring what was happening in my car from home. Anyway, the worst is yet to come. When I went to pick up the car, they gave me a report saying, "The technician couldn't verify the customer's concern, found the fault code history, and deleted it." Lie! Because at no time did I see any mechanic connecting an OBD reader to the car. They only checked it for 10 minutes one day. Then the car was left parked in the parking lot for 11 more days until they called me to say it was ready! What a shame!
When I got home, I already had an OBD2 that I bought to check the car's fault, and, surprise, on the first reading, I got the fault P0AA6 "Hybrid/EV Battery Voltage System Isolation Fault." After researching, I know it can be caused by several things, which is still dangerous, as they did nothing to fix it, and the fault remains. I know this fault could be dangerous and even cause a fire in the car, in the car battery, and in my house. But that's not all. While looking for information about my car to see if it was a "lemon" or if I could sue the dealership to have the car replaced or get a refund since I would never buy a car from them again, I requested a report with the VIN number, and SURPRISE, I found a report indicating that the car has four pending safety recalls.


Now I understand that the air conditioning, which I always thought was not working well because sometimes it blows hot air, I think it's due to the engine overheating and the high-voltage battery.
What can I do? What would you do? Did they sell me a "lemon"? Should I talk to a lawyer to help me with this problem and sue the dealership? Should they have sold me the car with those pending recalls? I can no longer trust the dealership; they are very incompetent and do not have trained personnel to solve these problems. These faults cannot be taken lightly; they endanger the safety of my family and all road users. Has anyone else experienced this? Please, I need advice and tell me what I should do or what you would do. Thank you very much for reading, and sorry for the lengthy text. I know it's a lot, but I need to solve this. I'm thinking of renting a car and stop using this one until the problem is solved, but I don't know how because the dealership is not willing to help.